Friday 17 July 2009

Fun For Free

My SD card that I left in the UK has arrived, so I have more pictures to share. Luckily Ebi-kun is the kind of kid who can make up games using whatever is lying around and he usually ropes in anyone sitting around to join in the fun.
Here he is with my mom and Aunt being antimacassar ninjas
or are they angels?
and then when we went to the pub for lunch, he gave a very detailed lesson to Auntie Jan on how to make origami napkins. This day we were planning to meet up with Jenny who reads this blog (Hi Jenny) but unfortunately is was a horrible rainy day so we had to cancel.

another great free activity was to go and visit out old next door neighbours, who have a dairy farm and also had some cute little calves, the one sucking Ebi-kuns fingers was only 2 weeks old and sadly his mommy died during child birth.
You can find more fun for free ideas here.

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