Tuesday 7 July 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

I don't know what happened this time but the jet-lag has really wiped me out and last week was basically a wash out, I am finally back into the old routine and I have made a proper effort to get back on track this week, I even did some cleaning yesterday! OK not a lot of cleaning but that is better than nothing, right?
It is still the rainy season here and it is forcast for rain for the rest of the week, blah, Ebi-kun's cough still hasn't cleared up so it meant a trip to the doctors, I don't drive so it actually meant a walk to the doctors, Ebi-kun was quite happy about this because he got to wear his new raincoat which I bought when we were in the UK. (From McKays). He got some new medicine and he didn't seem to cough so much last night so hopefully it is working. He did ask to go to bed at 5pm though which just shows he was under the weather, of course I didn't argue...

flashback to the UK. Leeds was the detination, to stay with one of Di's old school mates, Veena and her family, she has a lovely Yorkshire cottage that they have restored and the bathroom is beautiful, I fell in love with the mermaid on her wall. We had a good gossip and catch up, got to meet her son Z and did quite a bit of playing.
The next morning we set off to Bradford, which is where Di and I met, at university. Our aim was to go to Bombay Stores, which is a massive Indian fabric store, right next to the uni. It is where I used to shop to buy my fabric for the M&Ms costumes. Sadly Bombay Stores has gone up market and there were no bargains to be had but we had a giggle wandering around. Next stop was the Eureka, the national children's museum in Halifax. I thought it was a bit pricey, especially since they charge you for parking too BUT it is a fantastic museum and you easily spend all day in there. I only have a few pictures here, the rest are on the card back at moms and the ones I have don't really do it justice. Ebi-kuns favourite part was the body section which had lots of hand on things showing you how your body works, Di and I even learned a few things :o)
We complete wore Ebi-kun out which was great because we got back in the car for a couple of hours to drive up to Cumbria.


  1. I'm having the hardest time getting back on track too...

  2. so you guys have been to the UK?! How nice! Glad to have discovered your Etsy hedgehog and other stuff - cuuuuute!

  3. Hi,

    I'd love to be able to access your Montessori blog as I just started this amazing journey with my 3 year-old daughter.

    Thanks and regards,


  4. Vicky - The Montessori blog was one of those ideas I had but then didn't have the time to do it, started with good intentions but then fell by the wayside. Maybe one day - when they put a couple of extra hours in the day!


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