Thursday 30 July 2009

make a footie pitch

This all started because I couldn't find footie cake toppers for his football pitch cake, well none that I was willing to pay for. I looked on Ebay and although I could get my hands on games at a reasonable price the shipping would have bankrupted me. Then I had a brain wave!
I bought these little wooden unpainted dolls with completely a different project in mind, you should go and have a look at Wunderkind, she has some really cute dolls in there. Anyway, I counted up the dolls and I had enough for two teams so I broke out the paints. I gave them a couple of layers of acrylic then added the details, the numbers were a nightmare, they are so wonky but the faces weren't that hard to do. Ebi-kun supports our local team, Omiya. So, I got the team sheet out and painted them like the real players, well as far as hair styles and skin tone goes :o). Omiya play in orange and blue. The ball was DIFFICULT to paint, don't look to closely.

Next job was the pitch, I bought a wooden tray for ¥500 and stuck a piece of felt to it (felt was from my favourite felt lady, Sarah. I used fabric paint to paint on the white lines. I also covered the top of a little wooden box I had so he would have somewhere to keep the players. The goal posts are made from bendable wire, I am sure they will get bent out of shape but they are easy to re-bend. The are hooked over the side of the tray to stop them from falling over but they come off and can be stored in the box.

So all he needed was someone to play with, isn't that what daddies are for?


  1. what a fabulous idea. Are they playing Urawa Reds? I know another little boy whose dad would play if that's so!

  2. not likely, the Reds make mincemeat of Omiya when they have the derby!

  3. Superb! Now that's my kind of a game.

  4. This is great!

    I've added a link to this on my blog, Nurturing Creativity.

    Love your site!


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