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This is where you will find everything Montessori related!


montessori crash course

Are you new to Montessori or you know a bit but struggle to know where to start? Then this is the right place for you!  Montessori Crash Course is designed to help busy mamas get to grips with what they NEED to know to get started on their Montessori journey today - no need for year-long training! Deb Chitwood from Living Montessori Now and myself have a free workshop to help you out, there are limited spaces so click HERE to register now!


Montessori Inspired Activities for Pre-Schoolers is perfect for you if you are you interested in Montessori but you can’t send your child to a Montessori pre-school or do you love Montessori but can’t afford to buy all the equipment, or maybe you want to supplement your child’s Montessori education? Or you don’t give a hoot about Montessori, and you are looking for activities for toddlers to keep your child quiet and busy so you can get your jobs done!. Then this book is perfect for you, many of these activities are used in the Montessori classroom but don’t use any specific Montessori toys or equipment which means you can set them up at home, at very little cost. . Available on Amazon and The Book Depository or ask at your local bookstore!

The Gallery and Museum Survival Guide For Parents: Turn Tantrum Throwers Into Mini Art Lovers
The Museum & Gallery Survival Guide is a quick read guide to help you make the most out of your visits to galleries and museums. . This book is perfect for you if you are an art lover but fear your gallery days are over since becoming a parent, or you want to help your kids learn about art and the world around them but struggle with how to start. Inside the guide has plenty of easy to apply tips and tricks to show how taking kids to a gallery can be fun for everyone. 

You will learn how…
+ To choose the right museums and galleries for you and your kids
+ Tips on pre-planning your trip
+ How to 'wing it' on a spur of the moment gallery visit
+ Games and idea to make it fun, even for the littles family member
+ 2 free sets of art card printables available to download
+ A print and go treasure hunt for those short on time
+ Tried and tested resources page
Available on Amazon or ask at your local bookstore!


montessori 3 part cards
Looking for printable 3 part cards and other Montessori style PDFs? Pop over to the SHOP

Blog Posts


Here is a list of FREE resources

Montessori Primary Guide - online albums and videos of presentations
wikisori - online albums and lots, lots more
Montessori - lots of free downloadable resources
Free Montessori Resources - PDFs and lessons - has a couple of albums for 3-6, more for the 6-9 ages, plus the great lessons
Shu-Chen Jenny Yen - On-Line Montessori Teacher Albums for 3-to-6 year olds
Montessori Mom - lots of free downloads, newsletters and printouts.
Cultivating Dharma - a blog of free downloads and some albums just made available
Montessori fossils/geology timeline and printables
Miss Barbara - list of lesson ideas etc and the great lessons

Fellow Montessori Bloggers

Big list of bloggers here (updated Sept 2014) Study At Home Mama

Montessori By Hand - Now Sew Liberated but there is a lot of Montessori goodness on the old blog
My Childs Diary (in Hebrew)
Montessori House - for infants and toddlers

I know I have missed loads out here, so please help me out, if you are a MONTESSORI blogger or you have any favourite Montessori blogs please add them to the comments section, thank you.


  1. This list is great!

    Thanks so much!

  2. I like the Montessori stuff even though I don't personally do it and my kids are bigger. I get a lot of ideas I can adapt for my English classes and I personally think they fit right in with your everyday blog! So one vote for keeping it all here. (Not that you asked for votes....but!)

  3. Ok, I added my blog. Hope it works:)

  4. This is great! I didn't know about a lot of these links. I think I'll add some to my blog too! Can I put something in Mr Linky that isn't mine or a blog? There is an etsy site called Homemade Montessori that sells lovely homemade montessori (duh!) items.

  5. Hi Jo
    thank you for posting that list. I know a few and this is a great opportunity for me while I am not working in the classroom to go and have a look at them. You are so helpful! thank you so much.. Hugs from Vancouver ...

  6. I added my blog name yesterday. Thanks for the Montessori links.

  7. I started reading your blog because of all the Montessori activities - and your sewing! Thank you so much for the list. I read way too many blogs and often skip posts, but not yours. I really love it and thank you for sharing all of your ideas and information with a bunch of strangers. This list looks great.
    Thanks again!

  8. Thank you for this! Can't wait to have a little time to browse through them!

  9. I've been reading you for a long time, but I took the summer off. I'm still getting started but would like to list my blog here too. Only I can't find a link to "Mr. Linky"

  10. Hi Sarah, Mr Linky is at the bottom of the post, is it not showing up?

  11. I tried a different computer and it works. I should have known it was my old clunker causing the problem HAHA!

  12. Thank you for putting together such wonderful compilation of Montessori-related materials! Sandra, from Mariposa Montessori Bilingual Blog.

  13. thanks from holland!

  14. I know this is an old post and the McLinky is long gone, but I'd still like to add my blog to the list:

  15. Sorry about the McLinky, I didn't realise that I could only use it once then I had to upgrade, i used it again on another post then lost the one on this one agghhhh

  16. I would also like to add my blog to your list. I'm just starting out, but would like to become part of the Montessori online community.

  17. Dear Jojo,

    I have to thank you for your collection of useful information! I enjoy reading your recommended resources!

    Best regards


  18. I am so glad to have found your numerous sites - after Spoonflower linked to your preemie quilt. Who knew I would find a fellow lover of Montessori education! I started a blog & have tried to blog about some of my Montessori quilts, but I never seem to have the time! :)
    I make Montessori educational materials on Etsy though...
    Now, if I could just find the time to post on about Montessori materials! Thanks for the links! I can't wait to visit them all!

  19. My blog is

  20. My blog is


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