Wednesday 15 July 2009

My New Toy

When I was in the UK I got myself one of these Fiskars cutting tools. I talked to the woman who runs the little craft store and she said it was great for cutting out paper and card but I was actually looking for something to cut felt with. Anyway, I got onto google before I parted with my cash and was quite dismayed that there was a lot of negative feedback about it, this made me ummm and ahhhh quite a bit but I finally bit the bullet and ordered one anyway.
The middle section opens and you drop the blade inside then lock it, take off the guard from the bottom and away you go. I don't have the Friskars cutting mat and a lot of the complaints I read said that was the reason their cutter didn't work, well it works fine on my cheap cutting mat. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it and I noticed that the type of paper makes a huge difference, thick paper and card works well and I used it on pages from 'quality' magazines without any trouble at all, it did snag when I tried it on washi and thin magazine paper.

I got three of these templates too, this one , the circles and rectangles, I have now got my eye on this one and this one! It is important to make sure you have the template the right side up. The cutter is a real nice shape, easy to hold and cut with and I imagine it doesn't matter which hand you use it with.

I am not a scrapbooker but I can see scrapbookers would love it, you can also use the tool freehand and for someone like me who hates cutting out, this makes it so much more fun.
We used it the other day to make stickers from this project, well the cut outs were fab but the gelatine glue idea just didn't work for us. In fact Ebi-kun said "Why don't we eat the jelly and stick the pictures on with glue?" Hmmm good point, well made.

Now, what I would REALLY like is something like this for cutting felt....

I just want to point out that this is not a sponsored review but if Fiskars ever wanted me to review any of their other goods I would be happy to do so!


  1. Ooooh that looks like loads of fun Jo! Great review ;) the cutter that makes the little box looks fab! x

  2. I have one of those--I love it! My in-laws bought it for me last X-mas & along with it, three sets of the stencils--aren't they great? :)

  3. I want one for cutting felt too. :-) Some of the fancy electric plotter-knife things, like craftrobo would probably do it, but they are tooooo expensive for me.


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