Monday 27 July 2009

A new pet...

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has voted for Di, she is still needing votes, so if you haven't already done so, please pop over and vote for her!

Also, thank you for adding Montessori links, I will have this as an on-going post so please feel free to add more when you find them.

Our neighbour came home with a big box full of beetles the other day and asked if we wanted a couple, hubby of course said yes! Kabutomushi are THE thing to have if you are a kid in japan, it goes hand in hand with summer foods like watermelon and shaved ice! Ebi-kun was a bit squimish at first but that lasted about 5 seconds. I am not such a bug fanatic so as long as it stays in the box it is OK. Usually you buy these beetles for a a few hundred yen, a couple of dollars but some types can go for as much as ¥100,000, about $100. Can you imagine paying that amount of money for a BUG?

We also got our first decent cucumber this season, this looks quite small for an English cucumber but compared to Japanese cucumbers it is quite a whopper.

Yesterday we had Ebi-kun birthday picnic/paddle/party in the park, I haven't got round to loading up the photos yet but the weather was good to us and we had a great time. Will share with you tomorrow - my cousin is also up for a couple of days so I am hoping to get a load of sewing done whilst she distracts the monkey :o)


  1. My DH is a beetle fanatic - he breeds them and we must have hundreds in the cupboard under our stairs. I really don't like then at all, so I have nothing to do with them. The larvea are even worse!

  2. oh my that beetle looks huge and not friendly...yuck. I agree with you about it being in the box. wow.

    happy birthday to Ebi kun!

  3. Little-N thinks that bug is really cool! Wonder where u can get one from in the UK.


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