Thursday 2 July 2009

Ohhh Jet-lag you are not my friend

Well I think the the first night back I slept like a log, due to sheer exhaustion since last night the jet-lag kicked in big time and I (we) didn't sleep a wink. We have kept busy today - a slow kind of busy, I did some work, the kind that doesn't need more than two brain cells which is about all I am up to at the moment.
For those who asked, I will be opening the shop again at the weekend, thank you for your patience, I want to make sure my brain is back in proper working order before tackling orders again :o) I also have some new goodies to show you, including some super sock monkeys.

....and back to England, Nottingham to be precise, mom dropped us off at my best mates house, so we stayed there two night before heading off on our road trip. I was hoping to meet up with Emma but it wasn't to be, maybe next time! On the Monday we wandered into town along the canal and headed up to the castle, as far as castles go it is a bit rubbish, more like a posh house but they had a couple of good things going on. We did enjoy the sea themed room and we were the only ones there which meant there was a lot of clowning around - not that an audience would have stopped us :o). The gift shop was actually quite good and I picked up a couple of things for Ebi-kuns birthday. After we wandered into town and to The Alley Cafe, an old haunt of ours and had a lovely lunch and after all that we were shattered so headed back to Di's for a nap. Well Di crashed out, she is a mother-to-be* so that is allowed and Ebi-kun spent ages making houses for footballers out of Di's coasters - cheap entertainment. When Di had come round we got out guitar hero, now I am now a video game kinda gal, but I LOVED this, so much fun, almost too much fun as we had a problem getting Ebi-kun into bed LOL.

1. P1040638, 2. on the drums with guitar hero, 3. footballers houses, 4. princess Di, 5. dancing Di, 6. sailor Ebi-kun, 7. the ocean room, 8. applique art displayed at Notts uni, 9. colouring in kings and queens, 10. guitar hero, 11. another play castle, 12. football with Di, 13. the caves under the castle14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

The next day we went for a play down at the university, they have a nice park and cafe, so we filled up before setting out on the first leg of our road trip to Leeds.....

* subtle hint for those who haven't heard the new yet!


  1. so sorry about the jetlag...I hate that about flying. UGH.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes...I appreciate it.
    I am at our English camps and home today in Budapest to take Eli to a doctor visit and head back situation is a bit sketchy...but I am trying to keep up... we will see :)

  2. I can't imagine going through such a time change. I hope your jet lag is over soon!


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