Monday 24 August 2009

The Local Matsuri

August in Japan means festival time, each city has some kind of festival going on, last year was the first time we had been in the new house in August but it rained the day of the festival so we didn't go. This year daddy-ebi had to work and then had a works leaving party to attend so Ebi-kun and I went alone. We did how ever meet up with Madi and her Photographer husband Hide and their youngest son.
We had a look around the stalls, Ebi-kun wanted to try the 'catching goldfish with a paper spoon' game, he tried, the spoon ripped, he caught nothing but got a present of two fish anyway - he then dropped the bag on the floor, spilling the fish which I scooped up and got back into the bag and the we had to go back and ask for more water. Surprisingly the fish are still alive!

We had, quite possibly the unhealthiest dinner, Ebi-kun has a big sausage (made of fish and meat - blagghhh) on a stick and I had a giant steamed potato with equal amount of butter on it followed by candy floss! It is the festival just once a year so we can live with that :o)

I also got my camera back although it still isn't working properly, I decided to have a play with the various functions on it, I like how these came out, despite not having a tripod and instead a 4 year old full of sugar trying to jump all over me whilst I took them :o)

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