Monday 10 August 2009

Summer Sonic

Friday was the first day of Summer Sonic, a 3 day music festival held in two locations, Chiba and Osaka. The bands play one day at each location. Due to my mate Ziggy being the band manager for The Enemy we managed to blag guest passes - hurray!

Daddy-ebi had to go into work in the morning so we travelled there without him and met up mid afternoon. When we first got there and I was trying to get my bearings I took Ebi-kun into the dance stage - he was NOT impressed, screamed he wanted out of there, later he said it was a bit of a shock because it was so loud, I think it was quite possibly the awful dance music, enough to give anyone a shock LOL.
Later we hung out in hospitality for a while and got to see all the goings on, interviews and press related stuff. There were loads of famous people milling about and I recognised about 3 of them! I was stood next to Trent Reznor for ages but didn't realise until I saw him on stage later *duh* Of course we went to watch The Enemy play, they only just made it on stage after one of them had had his passport stolen in Ibiza the day before, he had to rush back to the UK to get a new one issued and a lot of strings were pulled to get his work visa sorted in time, he made it to the venue with about an hour to spare.

The set was great, Ebi-kun sang his heart out, he was a tad disappointed because he didn't see Ziggy on stage, I don't think he quite 'gets' what Ziggy's role is.
After they had played we went back down to hospitality, I had a bit of a catch-up with Zig whilst the band had their interviews then they were all whisked away to their hotel. We went back and watched some of Kasabian, who were great but used too much strobe lighting so we left, caught the 10pm train and got home just before midnight. A Looooong day, Ebi-kun zonked on the train so I had to carry him most of the way, daddy took over for the home run. (Daddy-ebi is too polite sometimes, when I was carry him and we got on a new train, I have no qualms about asking someone in the priority seat to move - obviously not someone else in need of a seat, young lads are my favourite to oust out of their seats! but daddy will just try and carry him).
Needless to say Saturday was a very quiet day which involved a nice long nap for all of us in the afternoon :o)


  1. Oh it sounds fun! I went a couple of years ago to summer sonic mainly to see an Aussie band called "The Cat Empire" it was a great two day adventure! Looks as though Ebi-kun had fun too!

    I was looking for an email contact for you from your page but couldn`t find one (sorry, I am sure it is starting me in the face)- I am wanting to make some baby bibs and I have some patterns and front cotton materials but am looking for a place to buy chenille in Japan for the backing as I have heard it is good. Do you know of anywhere? I had a look in Yuzuwaya without much luck but the one in Tsudanuma is pretty small compared to most I think...If you know of another good backing for bibs I would be happy for the hints! THANKS!

  2. Hi Lulu,
    In the past i have used those thing waterproof sheets, I got them from Shimamura, they are really thin and have a vinyl backing, the top is like a thin terry towelling, works well because it makes the bib waterproof. I had the mats originally when Ebi-kun was a baby, to use as a changing mat when we were out, it rolls up really small, they can be washed too, so I started by using up the couple I had then ended up buying a couple more, you can get about 5 bibs from one mat which cost about ¥500. Don't know where to get chenille, I have never tried to buy it. have you tried the craft stores like Tokai Heart?
    And my email the right, just below my Etsy shop badge......>

  3. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for the response.

    What/where is Shimamura? I will definitely try to get the thin waterproof sheets with vinyl backing- sounds like it would be perfect for a bib (and possible changing mat- thanks for the hint!)

    Love the cute owl by the way- my sewing skills are mediocre to say the least but I will totally try and make one of them. They are cute!


    ps; Off to google Shimamura!

    pps: Totally random but the word verification is "wanted"

  4. Shimamura is a cheap clothes store, I think they have them nation wide I know we have 3 pretty close to us and they had one up in the small gown I lived in iwate. Good place to drop on bargains! The owl is real easy to sew and only take about 30 minutes, let me know if you make one.


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