Monday 3 August 2009

A Wee competition....

Well, I have just listed the new fabrics in the shop, and very yummy they are too! So I thought I would do a wee giveaway, out of the newly listed fabrics I have kept 1/2yd of 3 designs for myself, pop over and have a look - the choice is from the last 17 listed, come back and tell me (in the comments on this post) what you think I have taken for my stash along with a way to contact you.

The first person to guess all three correctly will get a brooch that I am currently working on and something Japanesey. If no-one guesses correctly then I will use a random generator (or Ebi-kun) to pick the winner. The winner will be announced on Sunday 9th August.

If you tweet, blog, shout from your front door, tell your granny about it, let me know in the comments for an extra go!


  1. hi * wave *
    I think you have saved
    1. big trucks and diggers
    2. space shuttle and aeroplanes
    3. pop n cute cakes and candy...
    because you are always kind and sewing for your little boy, so two items for him and then cake to treat you :-)

  2. My choices in no particular order:

    Space Shuttle and Aeroplanes
    Hello, My Friend - Let's Play
    BIG Trucks and Diggers

    I'm pretty certain on two of them but picking a third was hard.


    (I think if you click my name it takes you to my profile and from there you can get to my blog)

  3. Amazing collection. I would have found it difficult to retain just three! And even if I had to choose the cutest, half a dozen at least. So, my guess will be totally random - lets see - the big digger, the kokka aeroplanes and the little elephants on polka dot? I was going to suggest the macaroons on white, but I see that it'd be too close to the comment above (not read till I started to post, scout's honour)!

  4. P.S. Of course I had to forget to write in my contact details - either through my blog or use

  5. What awesome fabric! I'll put in my guess, but its pretty much just based on the fabrics that I would choose.
    1) Kawaii Hedgehog
    2) Sausage dog on blue
    3) Sweet Japanese Owls

  6. I am going to guess French Bears, Sevenberry Black Japanese Monkeys, and Kitty Goes to the Shops. I will also tweet about this (I'm a follower of yours).

  7. big trucks and diggers
    kitty goes to the shops
    kokka space shuttles

    They are all so much fun!! I really like the funky happy mushrooms!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I am also guessing you are sewing for Ebi-kun and picked:

    1. space shuttles and aeroplanes
    2. big trucks and diggers
    3. kitty goes to the shops (for yourself or someone else.)

    I love the Kitty goes to the shops!! Reminds me of your post about the cat cafes... lol!

  9. Oh, this is tough. Let's go with a simple animal theme:
    Sevenberry Black Japanese Monkeys on White
    Little pigs on blue
    Elephants and polkadots

  10. O.k. here goes it...Big trucks and diggers, Kitty goes to the shops and space shuttles. I don't know. It's hard... But kind of fun to guess.

  11. hello!
    I think you've kept
    - little pigs on blue
    - elephants and polka dots
    - space shuttles and aeroplanes

    although I would have to say you did very well to hold back and only pick 3, there's so many gorgeous ones to choose from!

  12. Hi from Spain :)

    I love your blog but my english is sooo bad!! (I hope you can understand me :O) so, I never coment :( but I'm a happy subscriber :D

    I think you save this:
    - "Kokka Space Shuttle and Aeroplanes"
    - "Mini trucks, choppers, rockets and UFO's on blue"
    - "Funky little dogs on linen blend" (I would like to embroidery it)

    Hugs :)
    meninheira at gmail dot com

  13. 1.Mini hand carved stamps,
    2.Davey The Geeky Sock Monkey,
    3.Going On Safari

    Good luck^^


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