Tuesday 8 September 2009

Live happy

I just stumbled across this post on 37days. It is a set of 5 videos about a teacher in Japan, truly inspiring, if only all teachers were like this. It is not something that can be leant at teacher college or from a text book but I think we can all take a leaf from his book. I hope that when Ebi-kun reaches school, he will also find a teacher like this.
Make yourself a cuppa, get the hankies at the ready then click over here.

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  1. I haven't had time to watch it all yet but just watched the first one and I think its amazing and brilliant to teach children the art of being happy! I am a great believer in that way of living and try to practice it every day and it has helped me through some very tough times!! I was brought up to beleive that it is only the way you react to things that make them good or bad, situations are neutral and you can always choose to be happy or at lease at peace with things! My cousin is a teacher in Japan and I imagine him to be like that! He moved to Japan 15 years ago for a year and never came back! I see him at large family occassions and sometimes at Christmas but he loves it there and with people like that around I can see why!!! :-)


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