Thursday 3 September 2009

yummy fabric and yummy cake

I have a swap partner, Kristel who lives in the Netherlands. I send her a Japanese magazine that she likes and she sends me a surprise. Last time she sent cute fabric that I dug into straight away to make a passport cover, this time I haven't got a project in mind....yet!
Just look how cute they are, I love both of them
But the one with these fairy tale type pictures on it just cracks me up, it is TOO cute and reminds me of European story books from when I was little.

and the yummy cakes? Well I eventually got round to making chocolate eclairs, both my gran and my mom used to make these but I was a bit intimated about the choux pastry, turned out to be a doddle and I will be making them again, probably in the very near furture, hmmmmm...

On a completely different note, I got my sewing machine out yesterday, first time since it came back from the repair shop. Set it all up, got a a bit a scrap, pressed the foot peddle and GGGRRRRRAAAAAThunkthunkthunk. Seriously I was this ---| |---

*off on a another tangent, when I was at high school, I suppose about 14 years old, we had a swearing incident in English class. The teacher, Mrs Elkin, brushed it aside and carried on, BUT the next lesson she arrived a few minutes late so the class was already seated. She breezed in and let out a torrent of swear words, every single bad word you can think of, I think every kid in the class had their lower jaw on the floor, she didn't stop until she exhausted the English language of fowl words. She then did a whole lesson on the history of swear words, where the words had derived form and the original meaning. Mrs Elkin - she rocked (as the young folk say these days)


  1. Ahhhh, I had books with those kind of illustrations too. Can't for the life of me remember a title though...

    And my one and only choux pastry attempt was a disaster so I say you're being too humble on your skills there!

  2. I have seen others with that same fabric and I am in love!! ;) And that eclair looks to die for!! Thanks for all the great posts!


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