Thursday 29 October 2009

Continent Work

Ebi-kun has finally finished his world poster, he has been working hard on this for the last couple of weeks. We used a dinner plate for the two circles then he traced around the pieces out of the continent map and coloured them in. He labelled them all and then picked 3 pictures out of the continent folders to represent each continent.
I am pretty sure some continents have either gained or lost land! He spent an age trying to pick just the right pictures. When he was working on it, I put on some world music, it was funny listening to his comments about the music, there were one or two tracks when he would say something along the lines of 'I am glad that has finished, it was giving me a headache' LOL.

I also found this song on youtube, we checked loads of them before we found one we liked, be warned, it gets stuck in your head and you will be singing it all day Yeahh

We have got a swap group together....
Jo - Asia
Martha - South America
Rebekah - North America
Mammalisa - Europe
Chris - Australia
My Boys Teacher - Africa
Chaucey - Antarctica

and possibly a second group...
Asia - My Child's Diary
North America - Montessori Moments
Australia - Karmiec
Europe -Paumon

If you are interested and would like to join, you could choose to represent one of the missing continents for group two, they need Africa, South America and Antarctica. Leave a comment on this post along with a contact email address. Make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for by reading this post first.

Group one, I will set up something with google docs so we can easily share files etc. If you have any ideas on what to include or how to go about doing it let me know, I must admit, I hadn't really thought it all through!


  1. I really, really want to do this. I live in North America and it is being done, so I can be the research scientist for Antartica for group 2.


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