Wednesday 28 October 2009

Halloween Playgroup Party

We are lucky to have a good network of friends with bilingual kids, we managed to get most of them to sit still long enough to have a group photo, this is before the party actually kicked off so they are looking pretty grumpy! That soon changed after a game of eye and spoon then what time is it Mr Monster!

Talking of monsters, well is Mr Ebi looking stunning, yes, that is a combination of toilet roll and bandages, we ran out of bandages half way through so we popped into the drug store on the way, highly amusing!
Ebi-kun wanted to wear his knight outfit, one of the days had a chat with him...
Dad - so, is this your armour?
Ebi-kun - yes, it's a knights armour
Dad - so is this chainmail?
Ebi-kun - no! it's polyester

hahahahaaa, yes, my kid knows his fabrics :o)

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