Friday 2 October 2009

Scrap busters

This month Sew Mama Sew are having a month of scrap busting, they have obviously been round to my house and saw that I seriously needed some scrap busting help!

So, first up on the scrap busting list is this stuffed heart. I bought Amanda Soule's (AKA Soule Mama) book, Handmade Home a couple of weeks back. To be honest, when I first got it I wasn't that excited about the book. But, oddly enough, since then I have picked it up several times and now have several projects book marked, and it has a number of projects that are perfect for the scrap down. If you read Amanda's blog you will recognise her lovely writing style and her book is very much the same. The first project I decided on was the stuffed heart, Daddy Ebi leaves for Germany today on business, so Ebi-kun and I spent a couple of hours making this. He helped to pick out the pinky/red scraps and then I showed him how to use the machine. We took it slowly, he was in charge of guiding the fabric and I was the foot pedal engineer, we made quite a team. So basically, I cut all the bits into rectangles, all the same length. We sewed them all together into two blocks. Then sewed the blocks together, cut them in half the other way and stitched them together again to get the patchwork look. I skipped the bit about adding that evil stuff know as lavender (I am allergic to it) and just stuffed it with organic wool stuffing. Ebi-kun drew lots of little notes and pictures to stuff the heart pocket with. We then hid the heart in hubby's PJ's when he was packing his case!

Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails from the top tips blog, feel free to share the link with any new mama's you know :o)

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