Tuesday 13 October 2009

Shinrin Koen

It was a 3 day holiday here this last weekend, Daddy-ebi had just got back from a week in Germany so we didn't really plan to do anything, just some downtime really. Sunday we went to Shinrin koen again. This time we headed to the kids dome, it was packed and although it is a great kids space it is so easily to lose your little one, there were loads of kids running round crying for mama. Ebi-kun loved it though, all the climbing, and crawling

and sliding of course, he loves anything that involves a slide!
After a good play there we went to the field and had a picnic, the boys then went to play football and I got a bit of quiet reading time in - bliss. We then headed down to the assault course but it was manic, we decided to give it a miss and instead took a stroll down one of the nature paths instead. What a difference, we passed a couple of other people but that was it, hard to believe we were in the same park. We found some great things, just look at this spider, she is about 4 inches foot to foot but very pretty. We saw loads of these, I have no idea what they are mind you.
We also spotted mushrooms and toadstools
and I have a nice collection of acorns, twigs, pine cones and heaven knows what else in the bottom of my bag, I really need to make him a little a bag for such collections.

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