Friday 9 October 2009

Spider In A Box

Some people have snow days, we have typhoon days, luckily the worst of it went over us during the night but the day before was all rain and we didn't venture out until after lunch yesterday, even then it was still quite windy. Luckily, we suffered no damaged, just a few plant post blown over. Anyway, back to spiders.... I didn't take many pictures but here we go.

You will need:
black paper
glitter glue
box frame
bits and bobs to make the spider. We used a wooden disk and felt scraps.
small piece of thread

You will stick the black paper to the back of the box frame, we drew around the frame so that the spiders web would be big enough. Use the glitter glue to make a web.
Whilst the glue is drying make the spider. Ebi-kun coloured the disk in black then we stuck on 8 strips of felt to the back to make legs. Used a punch to make a face and stuck that on the front. We had to wait a while for everything to dry, so we did some cutting and sticking while we waited.
Once it was all dry, I cut out the web and we glued it to the back of the box frame, added a piece of cotton to the spider and becuae I was too lazy to get the glue gun out I used a blob of Blu Tac to hang the spider in place.


  1. That is so cute! I love it. I bet my sons would really enjoy making that. My 3 year-old is hyper-aware of spider webs this year... in a scaredy way, but I think he'd like this.


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