Thursday 5 November 2009

Culture Day

Monday we went to the yochien to sign Ebi-kun up, we got there at 9am, no queues, just handed the paperwork and the money over and that was it. We expected to be there for quite a while and Daddy-ebi had taken the day off work. Oh Well. It was his birthday, we decided to go over to Kodomo No Shiro, I have talked about this place before, it is fantastic. It is a massive kids play centre and it is all free, we spent all morning there. In one of the rooms they alternate the toys, I don't know the schedule but it is something like Lego on a Monday, play food on Tuesday etc. It was Lego day when we were then, not only do they have big tubs of Lego they also have these giant Lego blocks. Each brick is about the size of a normal house brick. Daddy-ebi and I had great fun building a castle :0)

Tuesday was a national holiday, Culture Day, we hadn't planned to do anything, daddy-ebi got on the internet and discovered there was a festival of sorts at the super arena. It was an education expo and was actually must better than I expected. There were lots of stalls set up with hands on things for the kids to do. Ebi-kun got to make a fish hat, a key chain, play some games, try on an astronauts suit...
and he met Asimo, Honda's cool robot. What more could a 4 year old boy ask for?

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