Thursday 26 November 2009

Who needs expensive toys?

Add together a tissue box, cardboard tube, some elastic and half a roll or packing tape, throw in a small child and some loud punk rock music and you have...

a whole afternoon....
if not more.....
of entertainment :o)


  1. Wow, that is one cool instrument! I think we will be making those very soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What do you do with these toys after use? Ours tend to linger on and on even when torn because the little one can't bear to throw them away! And of course, the reason they get made is that I can't bear to throw something reusable away!

  3. when they have completely died they end up in the recycle bin, which is where they usually start out until Ebi-kun 'rescues' them!

  4. We love non-toys at our house, too!


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