Friday 6 November 2009

Winter is on it's way

So, I got on Etsy to find something warm to wear. I came across ideatolifestyle's shop, the clothes are all unique and I fell for this cape/wrap.
I had quite a few convo's with Gerald about sizing, I sent my measured measurements and my UK clothes size but they didn't match so in the end I decided to go with the UK clothing size and hope for the best! The package arrived yesterday and I was a bit worried that it would either be too small or way too big, I shouldn't have worried, it fits perfectly! And it is cashmere/wool blend which makes it oohhh so soft. I LOVE it. I almost made Ebi-kun get out of the bath last night so we could go for a walk to try it out :o) I will definitely be using Gerald's services again and there are some lovely designs in the store, go and have a look.

One of the things I hate about living in Japan is buying clothes. I do not have an Asian shaped body and the cut of the clothes is very different. Even if you are petite, it is difficult to find things that fit properly and many of the clothes for larger Japanese ladies just look like sacks and use the most awful prints! So, I spend my life in joggy pants and loosely fitting top. I try to stock up when I go home but I end up buying things I don't really like, just because they fit and I only have a couple of hours to do a years worth of shopping. Therefore, I have decided to learn how to make my own clothes, my theory is, if I can find a couple of basic styles that I can make and they fit well, I should be able to adapt them or jazz them up and make them more 'me'. I am starting with Meg's School House Tunic, I have the fabric all washed and ready to go, just have to muster up my courage to do the cutting out. I also have my eye on this book: Design-it-yourself Clothes, maybe Santa will get it for me :o)

Look at the time! I have 5 waffle-snorts to stuff and photograph. What on earth is a waffle-snort you ask. Well if you sign up to my facebook page you will already know (link is on the top left) otherwise you will have to wait a wee bit longer.....


  1. OK hint taken - Santa will bring you the book

  2. Go and cut that fabric. Sewing clothes for yourself can be very rewarding!


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