Thursday 17 December 2009

It's my birthday....a favour....and a giveaway....

Yes, it is true, I am one year older and one year closer to the that big 40 EEk! Now, a few weeks back Spoonflower announced that an up-coming contest was to design an item of kids clothing which only used 1 yard of fabric and included sewing instructions, when I saw it, I though great, the push I needed to get some of those hair-brained ideas made into real clothes. For those who don't know, Spoonflower is a company that allows you to upload your designs and print them onto fabric, I have used their services several times and have been very impressed, in fact that is where the Organic Space Cadets get printed.
So, with no further ado, this is my design...

It is for a pair of boys (or tomboy like girls) pants, and we all know how much boys like to keep very important things in their pockets, screwdrivers, pens, bolts, pieces of string, emergency chocolate, all essential items, just ask Macgyver or The A-Team. These pants have all the essentials already in the pockets plus the pocket patches have a walkie-talkie, turbo boost and hyper power controls, seriously, what more could a boy want? They are super easy to make and the instructions are printed on the fabric.
Although I have ordered the fabric, it hasn't arrived yet, but here are the photos of the proto-type pattern, I used denim and some space cadets for the patches on the pockets....
They are so easy to sew, three seams then hem the waist, insert the elastic and hem the legs and you are done! Ebi-kun says they are very comfortable, he doesn't like jeans, he says that they are too hard so I wasn't sure he would want to wear these but he does actually love them
The pattern entered is for age 4-5 years (110cm) but I think I will be able to scale it down for smaller kids. So.......the birthday favour... please vote for me! It is simple, just pop over, via here and click on the cool boys pants (which ever patterns you click on will have a green box around them and remember to click on the final button at the bottom of the list). It isn't hard to miss mine since all the other designs are very much cutesy-pretty-girlie-girlie. Which is fine but boys get such a raw deal. Just think about when you go to a kids clothes store, usually 75% of the store is made up of pretty and cute girls clothes and then there is one corner with the same-ole same-ole boys stuff, think diggers, dino's and camouflage print *yawn* Boys need cool clothes too!

I was feeling pretty good about the design until I saw all the other entries, I was expecting lots of girlie designs but I didn't expect to be the only boys design, I would like there to be more cool things for boys but I suddenly felt disheartened and having serious second thoughts - what was I thinking? It is too late now for me too pull out!

So, please, (I am not below begging) vote for me! and IF I win, I will pick a random winner and make them a pair of the pants or something more suitable if they don't have kids or whatever. When you vote, let me know, one way or the other, leaving a comment here, twitter DM, a FB message, email (jojoebi.designs at gmail dot com), carrier pigeon etc. and I will put your name in the hat. To up the chance of their being a giveaway, get all your friends, family, neighbours and any random people you might bump into to vote too.

Does this sound like a plea of a desperate woman? I don't care, I have more things to worry about, like turning 40 next year! Is that a grey hair......?


  1. I just voted--I LOVE them! My little one would love such a cool pair of pants & they look super comfy, too!

  2. Hey, these are cool - I might try making too! And of course am voting for you :)

  3. Hello Jojoebi,

    This is just to let you know that I had just voted for you. Thanks for introducing me to Spoonflower.

    And you don't look like you are nearly 40! From the few photos I have seen of you, I thought you were in your mid 20's. LOL

  4. I've got a little boy, and I completely agree about the choices for boy stuff being a bit lackluster. I voted for you! Good luck.

    Oh, and didn't you hear that 40 is the new 30? ;)

  5. I voted! they are so cute & I agree, we need more cute boy clothes (though my kids are all teens now so cutsie doesn't work anymore! But my son would have loved those pants when he was little!) Don't worry about 40, my 40s have been delightful! I'm looking toward 50 in a little over a year & can't wait! Happy Birthday

  6. I voted too, I hope you win!! and of course, have a great birthday ^^

  7. I voted too.. I ll turn 40 next year like you .. only couple of weeks before you...I think you are so passionate about what you do you deserve to win... have a very happy birthday ... and hope that Ebi-kun will treat his mum well.

  8. I voted! I have a 3yo boy, so I LOVE to see something cute for a boy.

  9. Happy Birthday!

    I voted for ya!

  10. Happy happy birthday Jo! May all your wishes and dreams come true!

    Will vote for you too!

  11. I voted for you! great pants! happy Bday :)

  12. I voted for you. I agree that we need more cool boys clothes. I know my son would love these. Happy Birthday!

  13. It's a bit late, but Happy Birthday Jo! And don't worry about getting closer to 40 - it's getting further away from it that worries most people!

    Oh and great trousers! I completely agree with you that there are not enough cool clothes for boys. K is almost 2 now and I think he'd love a pair of those. And, yes, I voted!


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