Tuesday 15 December 2009

Phonics miniatures

One of our favourite pieces of Montessori equipment are the phonics pouches and over the last couple of years we have collected lots and lots of mini things to put in them. I decided to empty all the pouches, just look at the booty!
I then went through all the things we had and put them into spelling families, oo objects, long a, ae, ph words etc. and a pile with words that are totally phonic. I gave Ebi-kun the phonic pile and asked him to pick out five things, then got him to spell the words and draw a picture of each one.
He really enjoyed doing it. My plan is to have do similar exercises but using the different spelling rules, I also have a pile of games and things in my teaching box, I will have to dig it out of the back of the pantry.


  1. What a brilliant idea! Wish you lived in my neighbourhood!

  2. Wow your little boy must feel so lucky to have you as his mummy! Where did you get the frames from for the writing and drawing activity? I googled 'picture frames clip art,' and there wasnt much. Ta!


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