Wednesday 27 January 2010

Antarctica - ice

I got this idea from itty bitty love, perfect timing! I asked Ebi-kun what it would be like to be a penguin jumping into the icy water, he said cold. So we set out a bowl of icy water and asked him to put his hand in it for as long as possible, he managed 4 seconds, this is most certainly a grin and bear it picture...

Then we got a plastic glove and covered it with lard, this time he kept his hand in for much longer, he described it as being a little bit cold but not too bad, I admit, I had to give it a go too - the second part, I don't need to know what icy water really feels like :o)

We then tried some other ice experiments. For this one float an ice cube in the water then try and pick it up with a piece of string - it won't work. Now lay the string on the ice cube and sprinkle on some salt, could to ten and try again - taaadaaaaa
In another bowl we set out 3 ice cubes, put salt on one, coloured water on the second and left the other one as it was then we watched to see which melted first. If we were doing this in the summer we would also do more ice cooking and ice treasure. Do you have any cool ice experiments/activities?


  1. I inherited something similar to the lard hand in my classroom. It was 2 ziploc baggies: first bag had pudding in it, the second bag was nestled inside & zip edges were duct taped together. This created an insulated "glove" for the kids to use in icy water! LOL

  2. I love the second part of the first experiment with the lard covered glove. It is such a hands on way to explain it to little children.

  3. Hi there, love your Antarctic post especially dressing up in the kit and doing stuff!!!

    WE made ice-cream in a ziplock and you guys might find it fun:

    and here are some travel tips for a trip down south:

  4. Just for fun, we used to fill plastic gloves with water and freeze them . We draped them over bowls and things and then take off the gloves and use the "frozen hands". My kids used to love it..and we made hand salad bowls!


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