Thursday 21 January 2010


For those who are regulars, you will know I organised a continent swap last year, well all but one of the packages are in and I thought we would kick off with Antarctica. I will post about all the activities we do as we do them, I thought about doing it as one big post but decided small posts are better.
We started off by looking for Antarctica on the globe then making a map. To do this Ebi-kun traced the outline onto tracing paper and coloured around the outside edge with blue pen, he then cut out the map, because he was actually cutting around the sea he didn't accidentally cut a chunk out of the land! He then flipped the paper over and coloured in the back with white oil pastel. He then stuck the map onto a piece of blue paper.
Then he labelled the map and decorated it with stickers and pictures. I love the effect of the tracing paper. Makes it look very snowy/icy.

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  1. Jo, I've got the same idea! I'm organizing all right now ;-) It was such a nice experience, thank you for the chance you gave us...


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