Saturday 16 January 2010

Do you enjoy a good story?

There has been a lot of role playing and story telling going on in these parts recently and of course, every good story has a good array of characters, there have been gnomes both good and bad....

and a few of those sneaky ninjas, who are expert at sneaking into castles....

Whilst the blokes are off on a lads knight out.....

And the ladies are having a girls night in.....

It is a good job they have a someone to look over them.....

because if it isn't ninja's breaching the castle walls, it is that evil witch up to no good....

At least those terrible pirates are locked in the tower and can't get into any more trouble!
Oh, yes, did I have fun before Christmas painting these little fellas? The first batch of these wooden dolls were made into football players and then we painted a few to go with the castle pieces, I had some left over so they were the ones I made for Christmas. I bought the plain dolls from Gemmielou, in fact I have just ordered some more! Used acrylic paint on them then sealed them with two or three coast of varnish.


  1. How lovely! The ninjas are fab! xxx

  2. what a coincidence! i'm painting little peg dolls just now. I've omitted the varnish for a matte look. happy weekend jo!

  3. Adorable! The ninjas in particular... and they would be SO easy to make... hmm...

  4. Absoloutely love your little dolls:-) x

  5. thank you! Once I started i couldn't stop...until my doll supply ran out LOL. I have bought myself some new paintbrushes for the next bash :o)


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