Saturday 30 January 2010

The First Craft Mafia Meeting

I am still not sure about the name of the group but it will have to do until I get inspired with something else. The meeting went well, there were 7 of us all together included two kids, who spent their time playing upstairs and sticking things into their books, a happy medium, I think.
Everyone bought something to share for lunch so we had a good spread and didn't actually start doing anything crafty until after lunch. I was also introduced to a bit of culture, since J from Jumping Overboard bought sloppy Joe's with her. I had heard the term before but I didn't actually know what a sloppy Joe was and it was delicious, thank you J! - On a side note, J is organising a fabric swap for a quilting project, if you are interested pop over and read all about it here.
I made up some little books, basically folded two pieces of paper added an envelope to make a pocket and sewed down the side to hold it together. Then for a lurve theme I cut hearts out of the front cover, I actually pinched this idea from one of the early craftpod podcasts and it seemed to work quite well. Each person got a book and had 30 minutes to decorate the front, when the time was up we passed the book onto the next person and they decorated the next page so by the time it got back to you, you had a fully decorated book.
I got out about a quarter of my craft supplies and we all set to it.

I also made some heart shortbread cookies which disappeared rather quickly :o) And there were some sweet little messages tucked in the pockets.
It was great seeing every one's creations side by side, all so different yet we had the same materials to work with.
I was great for me to make something with no end purpose in mind, whenever I craft or sew I am always making something for the house/shop/gift and don't just sit and tat as my mom would call it, but I feel that sitting and tatting is good for you too!

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