Tuesday 12 January 2010


We are a bit late this week, we missed the MTD yesterday because we ate out last night so this was today's...
The theme was 'learning is fun' but I didn't really but I didn't really plan anything, we did however talk about food groups and why getting a balanced meal is important and what the various food groups do for your body. One thing I like about the MTD's is that it is really easy to prepare a balance meal!

So today's was a bit of an odd combo (another reason why I like it, you can get away with sticking all kinds of things together!)

At the back in the pink pot is rather thick pumpkin and sweet potato soup (more like puree)
Green pot at the back has silken tofu with soy sauce
Green pot to the left are veggie pancakes and the white stuff is mascapone to dip in
In the middle is a rice ball and the last pot on the right is strawberry and marshmallow kebabs (don't knock it until you try it!)

It all disappeared too, it is a rare occasion when there is anything left after a MTD!
Want to know more about MTD's, pop over here.


  1. your vegetable pancakes look great, do you want to share the recipe LOL
    if so drop me a comment I love your blog.

  2. those strawberry marshmallow kebobs look great! i may just try them out!

  3. I haven't tried any of these foods with my son yet. They look yummy.

  4. Strawberry and marshmellow kabobs sound yummy! I know 2 little people (and their mommy) who want to try that!

  5. I love the idea of the muffin tin meals. I just started serving meals at my pre school. this is a great way to expose the kids to foods and give enough variety that they will find something they want to eat. Easy serving, easy everything.


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