Monday 18 January 2010

Plant Cleaning

I am not one of those green fingered types and this is the only house plant we have, if you are are the same I recommend a Christmas cactus, they are virtually impossible to kill!
What you need:
  • water spray bottle
  • cotton wool
  • cotton buds
  • sponge/cloth
  • plant
Have everything set out on a tray, show the child what to do and they let them take over. Spray the leaf with a little water then use the cotton wool and stroke the leaf, start from the centre of the plant to the outside with gentle strokes.
Show the child how to hold the end of the leaf carefully while he works. Use the cotton bud to get to the hard to reach spots. This is a great exercise to talk about plants and either introduce or review parts of the plant.
Be sure to get the child to clean up afterwards. Cleaning up is an important part of the work cycle.

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