Tuesday 5 January 2010


At the train station in Yuzawa (the place we went to for New Years) they have a sake museum. That area of Japan is famous for it's rice, the water is good in that neck of the woods which makes for tasty rice and all it's by products, one of them being sake.
I am not a sake lover, it gives me a bad head for starters, I would rather have a nice glass of wine, hubby on the other hand loves the stuff. Usually at New Year, we (he) will start the day with some sake with breakfast and by 9am he will be drunk and pass out for a couple of hours ready to wake up for lunch and repeat the procedure and again for dinner (I am assured this is not just my husband that does this, it seems to be quite a common Japanese tradition). Not my idea of a fun day which is why this year we escaped to the mountains, I did have to laugh when I saw this in the sake shop....
Although I am not much for sake itself, I do like the fancy bottles it comes in and I was sorely tempted to buy this just for the bottle - his hat is the sake cup!
I have been asked about new years resolutions, I don't make them, I never keep them more than a couple of days, so why bother? I do have some new year intentions though, my main one is to get all my current WIPs/projects wrapped up and finished, I would like to say by the end of the month but that might be a bit over ambitious and to try and finish one project before jumping into the next one. How about you?

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