Friday 19 February 2010


Yesterday Ebi-kun finished reading Fantastic Mr Fox, it is the first chapter book he has read by himself so he was very chuffed with himself when he finally finished it. We actually started just before Christmas but then it got lost with all the Christmas things so we started it again a couple of weeks ago.

One of the things I love about Rolad Dahl books is the way that he he describes things and his use of big words. There were several words in the book that were new to Ebi-kun so I wold ask him to guess what they meant from the context and often he got it right, he couldn't 'get' belch and when I told him it was burp he was reduced to a fit of the giggles. I was hoping the film would be released around the time he had finished the book but there is no sign of it in Japan :o(
So, his next book is the first in the magic tree house set, these books have been recommended by many friends so I am looking forward to seeing how he likes them.


  1. I also was so excited when my son read his first chapter book all on his own. He also likes to read the Magic Tree House books, and the A - Z Mysteries.

  2. How old is he again??

    I just read this TO my boys (3 & 4) and they really enjoyed the story. WE also read Roald Dahl's "The Magic Finger." (Not as good, but still held their attention.)

    I am totally impressed. Just goes to show that I READ more about what you do with your son than actually DO what you do with him!

  3. Hi Lettie, Ebi-kun is 4.5 now and has been reading for quite a while, I can't take the credit, he loves books and picked up the phonics really quickly. It maybe in the genes though, both me and my cousin were early readers. What impresses me more is that he does it in two languages with completely different scripts!

  4. The movie is AMAZING. I loved it from an absolutely adult perspective - it's hilarious! (I also happen to love Wes Anderson movies) However, I happened to see it during a matinee and the children loved it just as much as I did, though they didn't catch all of the humor. It's a must-see when it comes your way.

  5. I read before that he goes to yochien now.

    How does he cope that he is able to read and yet his friends can't? And perhaps the teachers are teaching him things he already knows?

  6. He starts yochien in April so we haven't got to that point yet. Although his reading level is high there are other areas he will need to work at and he won't even use English at school until he gets to the higher grades of elementary school.


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