Friday 12 February 2010

Taking it easy...

The few things I had planned to do this week have gone out of the window since the arm incident, so we have had a pretty laid back week. Lots of reading, playing with cars and castles and a bit more TV watching than usual.
At night, I usually read Ebi-kun a couple of stories, then he reads by himself until he is ready to sleep but because of his arm it is difficult to get the books out and hold them to read them. I dug out the old CD player, spent quite some time hunting for the cable and set it up in his room, next to his bed. Then I realised that he wasn't going to be able to get the CD's out their cases. It's a good job I am crafty person... I rustled up this wee CD holder, just enough to hold 6 CD's, which I think is just enough for a little boy to be going on with.

There are 3 story CD's, one is pirate stories and another knight stories both from barefoot books and the third has 16 short stories such as Hansel and Gretel. He also has a nursery rhyme and song CD, French car songs which was a gift from my swap partner and then I made up a sleepy tunes CD for him. I haven't decided whether to keep this in his room once his arm is better or to move it out so that he can go back to reading by himself.

Ebi-kun declared the day that he did his arm that he was going to learn to write and draw with his left hand like Leonardo Da Vinci and true to his word.... a left-handed drawn robot.
He has also been practising writing and doing a good job although he write 's' backwards where as normally he doesn't. He is a very independent little chap and is doing quite well with most things but I am having to help with a lot too, I had forgotten how independent he had come and it seems to take much longer than usual to get dressed and the such like but we are getting there, slowly :o)

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