Thursday 4 March 2010

Continent work - North America

With the Olympics being on we decided to concentrate on North America next. Ebi-kun has been working with the map, here he placed all the pieces on the control sheet and then got out the basket of little objects that we have collected and tried to guess where each one was from, unfortunately we don't have anything from Central America. Many of the items we do have are from swaps, he was about half way through when I took the picture.
Then he got the postcards out, I pre-sorted them so that there were just North American cards in the box, again, many of these came from swaps. I didn't give him any help and got him to decode the cards, some had the country written on the stamp or the small text on the back, others on the front, he had to search the cards for clues. He put each card under the correct puzzle piece. If you want to bump up the amount of postcards you have, try post crossing but be warned, you will get one card from Finland for every other card you get - I don't know why, maybe the Finns just love sending postcards!

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  1. I just followed your link to the post-crossing site, and the user testimonial on the top page was written by a Finn, ha ha....


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