Tuesday 30 March 2010

Egg decorating round up...

To dye the eggs above I boiled the eggs in blue and green food dye and left them in the water over night so that they came out a nice bright colour. The brown eggs I boiled with the skins of onions and left them to soak for a couple of hours. We tried wax resist with some, the green egg at the bottom of the picture was coloured on with white crayon before putting to soak in the green dye. The marbled egg at the top was done in a salad spinner, a couple of the eggs were decorated with paper punched shapes and stuck on with glue.

I really wanted to try the Ukrainian egg decorating that I have seen floating around the web, I found what looked like an easy tutorial and we gave it a go. The problem was, when we dipped the hot wax onto the egg the wax got cold and fell off! We were left with a lot of wax dots on the mat and nothing on the eggs. So, we got out the white acrylic paint and decorated with that instead, using a pin pushed into an eraser as the 'brush'.

In the archives, you will also find, colander eggs, fabric scrap eggs, rubber stamped eggs (another super easy, minimum clean up one), wax resist kool aid eggs, and tissue paper eggs.

Then just to finish it all off you need a set of bunny ears, tutorial found here.

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  1. I love decorating Easter eggs. One note about the Pysanky Eggs...the eggs need to be room temperature when you make them AND you need to make sure that each color is completely dry before you apply wax. I don't think you would use that technique with eggs you plan to eat either. Just thinking out loud why your wax didn't stay on the egg.


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