Saturday 20 March 2010

I love parcels...

even when I have paid for them :o). I love how Sarah wraps everything, it feels like Christmas every time I make an order! I put in a small order at paper-and-string for some lime green buttons, Ebi-kun picked them, they have to be sewn onto everything ready for yochien. It seemed like a good excuse to get some cute dotty orange buttons for me and some giant rik-rak, which I have no idea what I am going to use it for.

and inside the green present? GIANT buttons, look how lovely they are.

and they really are giant size, hmm, suggestions on how to use them?
And, thank you for all the well wishes, still snotty but I am planning a sewing session this afternoon when the boys are out!


  1. Maybe use them on a bag/ could use them alone, or put a ruffle of fabric behind to make a sort of flower..... Or, you could glue one onto a wide headband and wear them that way. Hope that helps!

  2. oh, use the giant buttons to close a purse with! you know, like that one on the cover of bend the rules sewing?!

  3. I love parcels too :-) I just got one from a swap partner, and am getting all the odds and ends together for the packages I'm sending right now. Isn't snail mail great??

  4. Glue a pin to the back and you have one awesome brooch!


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