Tuesday 23 March 2010

A National Holiday...

Yesterday was a national holiday, for the spring equinox or something like that. We were at odds at what to do, we have tried to avoid places where Ebi-kun will want to run/climb/jump until his arm is better so we decided on Kitamoto Natures Reserve. This was our first trip here of the year and it was a lovely day, I did remember to put the camera in my bag, I did NOT remember to put the recharged batteries in the camera! duh! So the photo's I did take are not great since I used my phone.

We spotted lots of little tadpoles and even a frog coming out of hibernation and a few birds but apart from the pigeons I didn't know what any of them were. The reserve also have a centre with a library of books and lots of things for the kids to look at plus a table with lots of things to touch....
When we finished there we went to get to lunch then we stopped off at Beninana Sato (I think that is right), I had stopped there once before briefly but wanted to go again to have a proper look. They sell local veg and have an udon shop and a small cafe plus some traditional toys for the kids to play with, here the boys are attempting to do kendama, the way Ebi-kun was swinging it, I was expecting a big lump on his head at anytime.
Outside they had the most beautiful magnolia tree and it smelt wonderful. After that the boys went to the park whilst I popped down to the shops. Not a bad day, back to the usual grind today...

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