Tuesday 16 March 2010

Random Japan

I often come across things in Japan that either make me smile or sometimes laugh out loud or have me completely baffled and now mobile phones have cameras it is easy to get sneaky shots of such things, like this that I spotted in the convenience store....
I will have to go through my photos, I am sure I have more random pictures.
We had another 2 hour stint at the hospital yesterday, they took an x-ray and decided he has to keep it strapped up for another 2 weeks and Ebi-kun wasn't happy that his favourite nurse wasn't there. He asked me how old I thought she was, too old for you young man! He then said he needed to have a nurse as a girlfriend because he wants to be a doctor when he grows up!


  1. It`s amazing that after over 7 years in Japan this seems so normal!! haha
    Kate x

  2. LOL! yup, after so many years in japan I hardly notice about it! btw, jo, i'm back in Japan now and we already moved to Fukaya...if you are planning to go to shinrin koen please buzz me maybe we can get together sometimes :)

  3. omg..i signed under my husband's account! sorry about that..its me Nor btw :p


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