Monday 8 March 2010

What a lovely start to the week.

Well the crap week started with a crap weekend really, daddy-ebi had to go into work Saturday to finish an over due deadline so Ebi-kun and I went to the hospital for his daily dose of rehab therapy for his arm. Of course, it was Saturday so double the amount of old people were in there which meant waiting double the amount of time, 20 minutes treatment actually took 2 hours! Of course, Ebi-kun being a cute small boy all the nurses and oldies fuss over him, although I imagine that anyone under the age of 75, gets the 'oh here is a young 'un' special treatment.
Sunday I had big plans, the boys had tickets to go and see Omiya FC play, opening season match and I had plans to go and mooch around at a craft fair, but the gods had other ideas. The weather was awful, cold, wet and a forecast for snow, both the boys were coughing and sneezing and showing the signs of man flu (similar to swine flu but much worse) so they decided to stay home and I decided that the craft fair would be miserable too since it was an outdoor event.
Monday morning, daddy-ebi decides it isn't fair to spread man-flu around the office and ebi-kun is suffering with trainee man flu so off they both go to see the doc, I figure this is a good way to kill 2 birds with one stone and get them to get the broken arm checked while they are at it. Knowing they will be there for ages I run some errands, nip down to the post office and get my swap parcels sent off, start thinking to myself that the wii fit must be doing some good since the bike ride seems at lot easier than usual, then remember I haven't got 17kg of small boy on the back of the bike! Pop down to the supermarket and ¥100 shop, then do what all concerned women of sick boys/husbands would do, I go to the coffee shop and treat myself to a fancy orange-mocha something-or-another coffee, hmmmm good!
Come home, make a nice healthy carrot and ginger soup, just what a poorly boys need, apparently not since ebi-kun threw it all up again, sigh. Now I have sent them both off to bed so hopefully I can get something done, or failing that, nip back off to the coffee shop and try the other fancy coffee they had on the menu lol.
Regarding the broken arm, he is out of the cast and sling but still has it strapped up and he has to go back for x-rays next week, hopefully it will be all mended by the time he starts yochien.


  1. What a weekend! At least you got to relax a little today :)

  2. Yikes! What a way to spend a weekend. At least you got some fancy coffee - that always makes things more tolerable for me. And you are SO right - man-flu is awful. It not only affects the man himself, but the woman taking care of him is exhausted, too, even though she isn't the least bit sick! ;)


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