Saturday 17 April 2010

I was making a new picnic blanket and this happened!

Yes! SNOW in April, what on earth is going on? This is the amount of snow we get in the middle of winter - if we are lucky. This is the neighbours garden, she spends a lot of time on it, which suits me, I get to see the pretty garden and do non of the hard work :o), they were going to build a house there since it is a double plot but her mother is rather frail and can't live alone, so I think they ditched the idea and made a garden instead.
Last Sunday we went to the park for a picnic, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, I even caught the sun, this weekend I will be pulling on my winter boots again, unbelievable.


  1. oh my! that is so crazy but here in wisconsin the weather is sometimes so confused with when it is NOT suppose to be winter :)

  2. We have had it snow in April here in South Western UK but not this late in the month!

  3. wow, that is crazy!!!

    I was wondering if you could send me that link again or the site for the company that will deliver books anywhere in the world with free shipping.... thanks!

  4. strange thing was, it was really warm again in the afternoon!

    Julie, it is the book depository button on the right hand side bar.

  5. I think the snow came because you were making a picnic blanket. I washed my winter jacket and ski pants and that brought on the snow here.

  6. No more picnic blanket making for you missus!

  7. Mrs Melva - you have a good theory there!


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