Saturday 3 April 2010

Sandpaper letters revisited

Generally speak Ebi-kuns writing is quite good, he doesn't always get the letters on the line but mostly he is doing great with them. I have noticed though that some letters he writes incorrectly, so I thought we would get out the sandpaper letters* and work our way through the alphabet (this way I could check which were the problem letters). It turned out to be a, o, y and n so we spent some extra time working with those.
Then he picked out 5 objects from the phonics miniatures basket, he spelt out the word with the moveable alphabet then wrote the word and drew a picture in the little frame. He loves drawing, so this is one of his favourite writing activities.
Once Ebi-kun gets into the school system it will be harder to keep his English level up, for me, it is important that his English doesn't become a 'second language'. The majority of his relatives are English and I would hate to think that he can't communicate properly with them. Thanks to the Internet we have video chats with my mom about 4 times a week and often get to see my nan and Ebi-kuns cousins, aunts & uncles too. Having that need to speak English I think is half the battle, if there is no need then why bother?

*If you are looking to make your own sandpaper letters, I have a tutorial here, I used sticky backed felt instead of sandpaper.

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