Wednesday 28 April 2010

So much for freedom....

There I was singing along to Linkin Park, sewing together a new dress when I get a call to say Ebi-kun had got a fever so could I go and pick him up from yochien! Agghhh. I don't drive so hubby called a taxi and explained the situation, we needed to go and come back, cost us a small fortune of course. I actually road my bike over to the doctors and took the taxi from there, thinking that would be the easiest option, except when I got there, I discovered the clinic was closed 12-3pm agghhhh. So, I left my bike at the clinic and we came home instead, he had a bit of a fever, I think he was more upset about been booted out of yochien and the fact that sensei had made him stay in the classroom whilst the other kids were outside. He didn't seem too bad so I thought we would play it by ear, he slept in my bed last night and actually spent most of the night coughing, little sleep was had by all and just to top it off, the weather is awful this morning, cold and very rainy so daddy has taken him to see the doc and I went to pick up the bike, got back cold and very wet brrrrr. not the best start to the day!
Hope yours was better!


  1. This weather is awful. By the time I walked to the station today my pants were ringing wet. It is hard to push a stroller and carry an umbrella at the same time!

  2. Oh, poor thing! Hope everyone gets some rest tonight... feel better soon! (so mommy can go back to singing and sewing! ;))


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