Saturday 15 May 2010

Finding the rhythm....

This is the first full week at yochien and we are slowly finding a new rhythm for the day. The mornings are actually the easiest part, 6.00am the boys get up and get dressed and start preparing breakfast and I get up about 6.30am, they get up earlier so that they can have a bit of daddy time. Daddy gets home late most nights and very rarely is he back before Ebi-kun goes to bed so they have their time in the mornings. By 7.00am we have finished breakfast, I get Ebi-kuns bento things ready and clear the table whilst he brushes his teeth then he packs his bag and goes through the check list to make sure he has everything he needs and daddy gets his things ready at the same time. Then the boys usually have 10-15 minutes time to play or read together, daddy leaves around 7.20am.

 Once daddy has left, Ebi-kun puts the clean dishes away (his job) which usually only takes a few minutes and then we read, well he reads to me. I have found that often, after yochien he is too tired to read but he is full of it first thing so it works quite well. 7.45am he goes to the toilet and gets read to go and I water the garden as we wait for the bus, then he is off and I am free!
It is once if has gone I find it hard, if I get on the computer that is it, I am sucked in until the bus arrives back again and no housework gets done but having tat big chunk of uninterrupted time is so tempting, I really don't want to be hassled with housework but then I don't want to be doing the chores when I could be spending quality time with Ebi-kun, I think what I need is a house maid (in my dreams!)
Ebi-kun gets back around 2.30pm and up to now we have played it by ear, some days he is exhausted so he has a nap other days he wants to play or curl up on the sofa with a pile of books, I still want to Montessori activities with him but until we are back into a proper rhythm we will take it each day as it comes. How do you organise your day?


  1. Up at 5:30 to tidy, wash clothes, fill water (we have intermittent water supply), cook, supervise cleaning, bathe, pack lunches etc etc. Seven is the time to cajole my young one out of bed and then I am busy till the bus comes around 9. Same problem thereafter - if I sit at the net, I am totally involved till 1:15, when I have to be at the bus stop although it is invariably late and we are back home by 1:40 or so only. Maybe a little juice while the heat of the bus ride is slowly lost, then bath and lunch - then my lunch and then at 3, time to tuck in for the afternoon nap. I don't usually get to sleep though: someone or the other rings the doorbell! I suppose the courier people choose this time as the most likely period to find folks at home, but its quite annoying! My set routine starts again at five, but kiddo may wake an hour later. Evening fruit, then, if we are in time, a little visit to the park. Or, more often, homework and then cook dinner. Eat around 8:30-9. Bedtime 10. There you have it, my mundane life in para, albeit a long one!

  2. Different routine because I work am ( Tu and Thurs, all day on wed). Wake up at 5.30 am to do yoga at 6am (this is "me' time) and I am home around 7.15 am. I wake up Manon we have breakfast and then off to a bit of washing/dressing up before we go to school at 8.50am. We walk or I drive if I work that day (Mondays are off). Hubby gets Manon from Montessori at 11.30 am, this is daddy's time. I usually go home around 12.30. Manon is watching TV while papa gets ready for work. He leaves at 1pm and he's back around 2 am. Some days he works earlier so he does not pick up Manon. Wednesdays are crazy. I leave home at 8.15am and we are home by 6pm. (she's at daycare all day). Fridays are off or I sub-teach.. Sundays are family time. Usually after TV, 1.30 pm, Manon goes for a nap. This is catching up time for me to do the chores, sometimes web-surfing too. She gets up and we are outside most of the time, riding bikes or at the park or a short walk with the dog. Thursday pm it's ballet. I am like you Jo, I don't have a car (except in the mornings) so I tend to bus ride which can be frustating sometimes. Winter times, because we are surrounded by hills it's too dangerous for me to take the bike. And this year, Manon is more than 43 pounds so it gets harder to pedal with her behind me....ideally I would love to have a second car, but insurance is very expensive here;(

  3. wow, you are both early risers too! It is a constant juggle isn't it, trying to get everything done, when you see it written down it makes you wonder why you even get out of bed in the morning LOL.

  4. when u got it please share with me because i couldnt get mine AT ALL..and Hafiy not an early riser so no chance in the morning too. We go to bed at 9pm usually so u see i cant squeeze in any!


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