Wednesday 12 May 2010

Loads of lovely new fabric...

It is really impossible for me to pick a favourite this time, I have saved some of this dino comic print for Ebi-kun, it just cracks me up!
 and I love the bold bright colours on this traffic print, makes a change for boys prints
 this one I love because the story behind it is so stupid, based on a famous Japanese story where one goat sends another goat a letter inviting him to dinner, the second goat eats the letter before reading it then sends the first goat a letter apologising for not reading, the first goat eats that letter and so the story continues...
 and punk rock kittens, need I say more?
 I have noticed that at the moment a lot of the fabric has a little sparkle to it, this cute print is no exception
 this one, it the odd one, not the usual kawaii print but as soon as I felt the fabric I had to have it, it is so amazingly soft, seriously, you have to feel it, then I couldn't decide on which print, so I got both!
and that is just for starters, go and check the rest out yourself!

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