Monday 7 June 2010

Hmmm cheesy......

Well it was a busy weekend, I decided that the spare room needed to be cleaned and organised which was a job and a half, I got stuck in whilst the boys were at football and still haven't finished! Although it is looking much better, I can actually see the floor which is a good start! I also decided to pull everything off the Montessori shelves and re-organise them, more of all that when I have finished.

Sunday morning I made ricotta cheese, last week on a whim I ordered a cheese making kit form Urban Cheese Craft, making the cheese was really easy and I can't believe that I have suffered Japanese processed cheese for so long. Although the cheese was ready to eat and we could have taken it on the picnic with us I decided to leave it to chill so we had a gorgeous fresh ricotta salad for dinner. Next up is mozzarella which looks a bit more complicated but I can't wait to try it, hmmmm yum.

and...did you vote yet?


  1. Thanks so much for posting the link for the Urban Cheese Craft! I will definitely being purchasing a set soon! My grandfather always used to make cheese and I would love to do the same for our daughter. Please keep us posted on how the mozzarella turns out! Thanks!

  2. The cheese does look yummy! And yup I did vote (fir your design, too cute btw) (grin)


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