Friday 11 June 2010

Self Portrait....

I set up a shelf with a mirror, paper and pencils in the Montessori room (most of the art equipment is downstairs on a shelf so he can take it out when he likes). We talked about Leonardo Di Vinci and how he studied the body in detail and discoveries that he made about the proportions of the human body. I asked him which is longer, his foot or his forearm (from the bend in the elbow to the wrist), he said his foot and was surprised to discover that they are the same. Then I showed him about the proportions of the head, how the eyes are half way down the head and the length of the nose is a 1/4 the length on the head etc. And then I got him to study his own face and asked him to draw a self portrait and left him to it.

 After a while he gave a big sigh, held up his piece of work, admiring it and announced that it was perfect (he cracks me up but I have to hold it back sometimes!) so I present to you....

Perfect - a self portrait by Ebi-kun aged 4 and 3/4


  1. I love this! His portrait is well done.

  2. What a wonderful idea! So adorable!

  3. That looks pretty perfect to me, I love the teeth.

    And thank you for the bento picks that I ordered, they arrived amazingly quickly and I loved the squirrel place card tag. Thanks.


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