Wednesday 30 June 2010

A Sleepover...

At the weekend Ebi-kuns friend A-kun came for a sleep over. A-kun's dad is the football coach so when the boys had finished at football hubby bought them both back, they were filthy (as expected) so we sent them straight to the bath, they spent ages in the bathroom scrubbing each other clean and giggling. When  they got out we left them to do what they wanted so they played lots of games, Operation was a big hit, I think it was the first time A-kun had played.
 For dinner I decided to go with the football theme and made a South African meal, so we had Bobotie and Yellow Rice, both were a big hit although I skipped the curry powder since I don't like curry and the rice was very easy because I just threw everything into the rice cooker. I also made Telephone Pudding which was nice but everyone agreed that it was too sweet.
 After dinner and once it had gone dark the boys played outside with some light sticks, it didn't last long because it started to rain. We put the inflatable camp mattress in Ebi-kuns room and they both slept in there and were both sparked out by 9pm.
 At 5.20am I could here the pitter patter of feet, they were trying to be quiet, I could here them playing Uno downstairs and then heard them come back up, they were amusing themselves so I left them to it. When I got up at 7am, I went to see what they were up to and opened the door to this....
 It certainly made me smile, for some reason the name Mozambique was cracking them up. After breakfast they started cutting and gluing, they spent about an hour and a half doing this, it was great to see them working side by side. There was one argument when they were playing the football game but they sorted it out themselves, it was amusing listening to them though.
 Once they cleaned up I made some paint (cornstarch, food colour and water) and they went out and painted the road, I am sure our neighbours must love us :o). A-kuns parents arrived around lunch time and we had a BBQ the boys played and we kicked back and relaxed a bit. Turned out to be a lovely weekend.

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  1. What fun, interesting to see the boys choosing map work. Looks/sounds as if you all had a wonderful time.


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