Friday 4 June 2010

Tutorial - a stool made of milk cartons

This is a fun project but does need planning ahead because you will need a lot of milk cartons. We filled the cartons as they emptied so that they didn't take too much space otherwise we would have been over run by empty cartons!

What you need:
28 milk/juice cartons washed and dried
a couple of rolls of gaffer tape

First you need to make 7 blocks, open one of the cartons....
 Then you need to take 3 more cartons, push the sides in and flatten the carton and fold it up
 Once it is all squashed and folded push it into the first carton...
 You should be able to squash 3 cartons into the first one. Then fold the top down so that it is flat.
 Using the gaffer tape cover the whole carton. Repeat until you have all 7 blocks covered.
 We did 4 in green for the legs and 3 in yellow for the seat.
 Put three together for the seat and tape them to make one big block.
This is the tricky part, tape the legs to the seat, use tape to make corners secure, we did this for all four legs and then put another couple of layers of tape to make it really secure. We used almost 3 rolls of tape making the stool.
 Turn it over, I added one more layer around the edge of the seat to make it a bit more neat.
It is surprisingly strong, it will take the weight of an adult :o) The wife of one of my husbands co-workers made a set of table and chairs like this! They must either drink a lot of milk or been working on the project for months lol.


  1. How cute! My kids drink lots of milk so we shall have to make this too! Happy weekend from Tokyo!

  2. This is so cool! My son loves using tape,this should keep him busy. Nice smile Ebi-kun.


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