Monday 28 June 2010

Yochien Observation Day

Friday we went to Ebi-kuns yochien for observation. We were a bit late because we couldn't find anywhere to park so we missed the exercises. When we got there the kids were doing some gluing and sticking. I walked into the class one of the girls shouted at the top 'Ebi-kun no mama' and started waving like crazy, hmmm.
They were asked to pick 3 colours to work with, it was interesting to see the different combinations the children picked. We left the kids sticking and went to another classroom where we had to make a load of paper flowers and discuss various things that the parents get roped into, next week end is the summer matsuri, I assume that is what the paper flowers were for.

When we had finished flower making the kids were getting ready for lunch, half the class went with sensei to collect the food, plates, trays and drinks the others were waiting outside the classroom, I got called over by another girl who wanted to shake my hand and of course once she had all the others wanted a go! I did feel like I should have received a posy of flowers and several curtsies by the end of the row! 
The kids had already put their bento box, chopsticks, cups and napkins of the table then waited to collect their tray with the food.

 Once everyone was served they sang a little song before tucking in.
I was curious to see what would happen with the pickie eaters, Ebi-kun is far from picky and will try anything (this is the kids who used to ask daily for garlic powered on his hand to dip his finger in and suck!) They had beans meat and veg and melon and the children take rice or bread from home and they drink mugi-cha (barley tea). All the kids polished off everything, I know at some yochiens they stamp the kids hands if they finish everything but non of that goes on at this one and since they all ate it I don't really know what happens to those who pull their face.
 Then the kids took their plates and cups and washed and dried them. Trays were replaced and bento boxes etc put away. Then they brush their teeth and do a toilet run. All very organised and independent.
After lunch we left, so we round the corner to a cafe then got back home in time for the bus to bring Ebi-kun home.

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  1. Your post brings happy thoughts to my mind/memory. Children learning and playing with precious little awareness of much else. Puts a broader margin around my days. Life seems a bit sweeter, and easier.... :-)


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