Wednesday 21 July 2010

Camping in Nasu

We have started a tradition and for the last 2 years we have been camping in the 3 day holiday in July, this year was no exception and this time we headed to Nasu. The campsite was lovely, we did 'free' camp which basically means you can pick your own spot but you can't park the car next to the tent, we found a nice spot under the trees with a lovely view of the pond and we could park the car close by to load and unload so it wasn't too bad.
We were just about to pitch the tent when I spotted something in the grass, it was a tiny tree frog, it turned out that there were loads of them living in the bushes, Ebi-kun had a lot of fun catching them and making friends.
Around the site were some big rocks which were perfect as a study table, so as we sorted out the tent, he caught himself a frog and set to studying it. He let the frogs go straight after, we did find one that had died and was being eaten by ants, he was very sad about it but we talked about the cycle of life and then he was much happier about the situation.
Sunday, we spent the day in and around the camp only leaving to nip to the supermarket for food and beer, essential supplies. We went down to the river and tried our hand at fishing, we caught a few tiddlers.
Then we headed back to the campsite which had two streams running through it, one had a wooden walkway crossing it and we found about 5 of these frogs and 2 big toads, numerous dragonflies and several weird looking beasties.
Of course we had to get a bit of football in to feed their addiction!
Then after lunch we went for a paddle, this part of the stream was perfect for toddlers and little kids since it was only ankle deep, it was icy cold too which was lovely considering it was so hot. I did have to go back to the shade after a while, too hot for me so the boys went to explore the other part of the stream and I did a bit of sewing.
The day ended with display put on by the local fireflies which was very exciting since I have never seen them before. A little story...Once upon a time when I lived in Iwate and had just started dating my husband, he came round to my flat late at night and told me to get dressed and go with him, he took me to a park and we walked to the middle, I was wondering what on earth he was up to, we got there and he declare that they had gone! Apparently there had been loads of fireflies and he thought it would be romantic to go and see them ahhhhh. Well at least I got to see them 10 years later :o)

The only downside to the camp was that we got badly bitten by something, mossie killer obviously didn't help, my bites are not big itch lumps and my husband has these horrible red marks on his legs and one leg is swollen, I think he should get it seen to but  in reality the doc will probably just give him antisceptic cream. I also forgot to put the battery in the camera so I had to rely on my iphone so the pictures are not great, still kicking myself about that.


  1. that camp site looks so good. did you feel hot during the night? what is the name of the camp?

  2. the site is actually a park and is called torinome campjo, it wasn't too bad at night, we actually opened our sleeping bags and slept on top of them until about 4am then we pulled them on for a bit

  3. Thank you very much!!! the Takao trick museum looks so fun too.


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