Thursday 22 July 2010

Do you like comps?

I met my best friend Di at university, she is mad as cheese but that is OK since cheese is my favourite kind of mad. She is also an avid comper (what the 'eck is that?) Someone who enters loads and loads of competitions, now some people say that she is one of those super lucky people but in reality I know she puts in a lot of time and effort into comping and it obviously pays off. Over the years she has won more things than I care to mention but some of the include 2 or was it 3 trips to Japan, a 3 week trip to New Zealand, loads of European mini breaks, trips to NY and Iceland, a VW beetle, shopping sprees, her dads weight in chocolate, beer, Smeg fridge, tickets to all the big festivals and a tea towel.

Now I bet you are wonder why I am am telling you all this, well Di has set up a blog where she is spilling the beans, letting all her comping secrets out of the hat, so if you have ever wondered how you should increase your chances of winning or just want some little tips and tricks of the trade, or are you looking for some good comps to enter then pop over to Super Lucky and say hello.

PS that catsuit was my grans, she wore it at her 50th birthday party!

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