Saturday 24 July 2010

Melon Seed Art...

We have been eating lots of melon here so when I serve it up I scraped out the seeds into a sieve then gave them a good wash and put them on a paper towel to dry out. Ebi-kun then used them with white glue and tweezers to make some designs, kept him quiet for quite a while.

 When he was doing it I remembered when I was a kid my auntie (8 years my senior) made a cool necklace out of melon seeds so of course the next thing to try was threading seeds, I recommend using a really sharp needle for this, the sharper it is, the easier it is to push through.

It is so hot here, playing outside really isn't an option, so expect to see lots of art and craft posts...


  1. Perhaps a glover's needle would work, they are strong and sharp with a triangular tip for sewing leather. the necklace is a cool idea and the tweezers and seeds designs are a good idea too.

  2. I remember making a melon seed necklace as a kid - I think I might still have it! I used seed beads as well to add color.

    I saw a neat idea for bean pictures - glue the beans to the inside of a regular-not thin- CD case, when done close it up and you have a coaster!

  3. ohhh that sounds like a cool idea, thanks


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